Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

At MYEC, your privacy is extremely important to us.  Below is your cooperative's privacy policy.



Website Privacy Policy


Privacy has always been an important part of how MYEC does business.  MYEC collects and uses information from users of MYEC’s website only for our core business purposes.  The information collected includes, but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  MYEC will be lawful and fair to individuals whose data MYEC is storing and will retain only what is needed to maintain our relationship with the member.  MYEC will not disclose information for an unrelated purpose without consent of the individual or by authority of law.


Maintain Information

  1. MYEC strives to keep customer information accurate. 
  2. MYEC will be transparent about how we use data we collect from users of this website. 
  3. MYEC will not trade or sell any personal data to third parties

Notification of Changes

MYEC will not attempt to notify users or visitors of this website when, or if, this policy changes.  It is the sole responsibility of users and visitors to check for changes in this policy.