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After 30 years of teaching Agriculture Education and serving as the FFA advisor, JoAnna Kotar has retired and would like to represent the Sarpy District as the trustee for MYEC.  

She find that people working together for the good of all is what is most meaningful about a cooperative. 

JoAnna has years of board experience holding numerous offices for the MVATA/MAAE, Executive Board for MACTE, Montana FFA Board of Trustees, a sub-committee for the NILE for 27 years and the Ag Fair Committee for Rosebud-Treasure Fair off and on for the past 22 years on as as needed basis.  

Viewing a subject from all sides is important and communicating with members, using that information to pave the future is a skill she would bring to MYEC.  Her experience on multiple boards has shown JoAnna that she cannot have too much information when making decisions.  

She is willing to commit the time needed for the issues, understanding that there are times when more hours are needed for certain instances.  Being in the education field she knows the importance of keeping abreast of current issues and attending classes regarding the cooperative. 

JoAnna describes herself as a workaholic that has developed the important skill of listening.  She would like to use all her skills and knowledge building the road to the future through the cooperative. 

What excites her most is being a part of MYEC moving forward and being a strong cooperative that other cooperatives look at and say, "We want to model after what MYEC is doing."